HairGo Heat Free Hair Straightening Night Wraps

Product price:
   £14.95 + FREE delivery
  • HairGo wraps specially designed to keep hair straight during sleep
  • Eliminates time consuming/heat damaging next morning straightening
  • Secure Velcro straps ensures wraps stay fixed during sleep
  • Wraps are designed to be comfortable to wear overnight
  • 4 x HairGo wraps are included and work with most hair lengths

GlamCap Thermal Hair Repair Conditioning Cap

Product price:
   £16.95 + FREE delivery
  • GlamCap uses heat from the head to treat and condition hair
  • Cap significantly reduces frizz and is ideal for deep conditioning
  • Double thermal lining for maximum results and is fully washable
  • Ideal to be used with conditioner and serums with cap applied afterwards
  • Can be worn overnight and all orders come boxed with instructions

GlamWaves Hair Roller Headband

The GlamWaves large size band is an easy to use, one piece hair roller that will effortlessly create sleek looking waves for medium to long length hair without the need of using hair damaging products!

Product price:
   from £ + FREE delivery
  • Tested and recommended by professional hair stylists
  • Creates sleek looking waves without having to apply heat
  • User friendly design with fast application and easy removal
  • Can be used overnight or removed straight away for instant waves

NuFeel Hair Removal Epilator

NuFeel hair epilator is made from a high quality stainless steel and removes unwanted facial hair quick and easily.

Product price:
   £12.95 + FREE delivery
  • Removes all types of facial hair efficiently including very fine hair
  • Removes hair directly from the root and not just the surface
  • Hair takes up to 9 weeks to grow back and often comes back finer
  • All orders come in a presentation box with full usage instructions