EyeSoothe Blepharitis Eye Mask Kit

Product price:
   £N/A + FREE delivery
  • Soothes & reduce the effects of Blepharitis, MGD & dry eye syndrome
  • Stays at optimum temperature for the recommended treatment time of 10 minutes
  • Eye mask contains a foil thermal lining to keep the heat at the required level
  • Safe & user friendly with no need to heat up the gel pack in a microwave
  • Includes an EyeSoothe eye mask, gel pack (inc clip), zip lock back & instructions

EyeSpa Cucumber Cooling Gel Eye Mask

Product price:
   £11.95 + FREE delivery
  • EyeSpa eye mask securely holds cucumber pieces in place around the eyes
  • Cucumber is one of the most effective and cost efficient eye treatments
  • It will help to revitalise tired eyes and reduce bags under the eyes
  • Cucumber also lightens dark circles and reduces puffiness around the eyes
  • Contains cooling gel and can be placed in a fridge for an all over eye treatment

iChill Cooling Gel Eye Mask

Product price:
   £14.95 + FREE delivery
  • Soft mesh design for maximum comfort and cooling effect
  • Universal fitting elastic strap with extra padded nose section
  • Can be cooled in a fridge or freezer in just 10 minutes
  • Soothes headaches, migraines and refreshes tired eyes
  • Comes in a smart presentation box and makes a great gift