CatCalm Comforter Pouch

Product price:
   £11.95 + FREE delivery
  • CatCalm 100% natural cat calming comforter. Helps significantly reduce feline stress, marking, excessive meowing and scratching.
  • Also helps significantly reduce feline stress for a happier more contented cat.
  • CatCalm comforter is 13cm long by 9cm wide and ideally place in your cat’s favourite area.

CatPlay Cat Mouse Animation Laser Toy

Product price:
   £9.95 + FREE delivery
  • This cat toy will ensure hours of fun for both the cat and the owner!
  • Emits a mouse shaped animation laser beam with great visibility
  • Mouse animation is visible on most surfaces including on light colours
  • Excellent range and the closer you are the smaller the mouse will be
  • Usage instructions and 3x LR927 button cell batteries supplied

CatCalm 60ml Cat Calming Spray

Product price:
   £12.95 + FREE delivery
  • Contains key cat calming ingredients including Vetivert and Bergamot
  • Stops cats spraying/marking and helps significantly reduce feline anxiety
  • Also helps make cats happier and more content in their home environment
  • It will not stain and can be used on all types of furniture, carpets and cat beds
  • Very economical with one spray of the CatCalm lasting up to several days