SnoreBand Acupressure Anti-Snore Ring

Product price:
   £11.95 + FREE delivery
Main features:
  • Designed specifically to reduce and eliminate snoring
  • Worn on the little finger with double acupressure points
  • Made from a comfortable high quality rubber material
  • Universal and fits all finger sizes with unique locking system
  • Adjustable and easy to fit design with fitting guide supplied
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SnoreBand information

Acupressure is a popular form of therapy that has been used for thousands of years and is recommended by many leading therapists. It is an ideal solution for people who want a non obtrusive method for stopping or significantly reducing their snoring. When in position the two acupressure points on the SnoreBand ring push on the outside of the little finger where the acupoints S12 and H29 are located.

Acupressure theory is based on acupoints being linked to organs within the body and these two acupoints are related to healthy breathing.

Fitting instructions

1. Place the band on your little finger with the two acupressure points facing inwards making sure that the acupressure points are on the outer edge of your finger.

2. Now wrap around the band until one of the notches are over the top of the stud. Holding the end of the band stretch the notch over the stud and lock in a firm position with the stud pushed right through.

3. Move the band if needed so the acupressure points are lined up correctly and check for a comfortable fit. A correct fit should be when the band is holding position and not overly tight.

4. Once a comfortable fit is achieved then any excess rubber can be trimmed off. It’s important to leave enough rubber to make a tag for easy removal. We recommend wearing the band for a few nights before you do this in case the size needs altered.  

*To maximise the bands effect it should only be worn during sleep and removed at all other times.

How does the SnoreBand work?

When in position the two acupressure points on the SnoreBand ring push on the outside of the little finger where the acupoints S12 and H29 are located. These acupoints are related to healthy breathing combating the main cause of snoring.

Is the SnoreBand quick to fit?

The SnoreBand has been designed to be quick to fit and the fitting can be done in seconds. Once a comfortable fit is achieved any excess rubber can be trimmed off. Fitting instructions are included with every order.

Do I need to wear more than one?

We recommend using one band to start off with and most users find that one band is enough. You can use one on each hand and it is possible to achieve better results this way.

Is the SnoreBand comfortable to wear?

We know how important it is to be comfortable during sleep and the SnoreBand has been designed with comfort mind. It is made from a high quality rubber material and is very comfortable.

Does it include a money back guarantee?

We always want our customers to be completely satisfied with their orders and all orders come with a 60 day full money back guarantee.

How long will my order take to arrive?

All orders received before 5pm will be sent out the same working day with weekend orders sent out on Monday. All UK orders are sent by Royal mail first class delivery and 90% of all orders arrive the next working day. All orders will fit through a standard letter box so you do not need to be at home to receive your order.

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