GlamCap Thermal Hair Repair Conditioning Cap

Product price:
   £16.95 + FREE delivery
Main features:
  • GlamCap uses heat from the head to treat and condition hair
  • Cap significantly reduces frizz and is ideal for deep conditioning
  • Double thermal lining for maximum results and is fully washable
  • Ideal to be used with conditioner and serums with cap applied afterwards
  • Can be worn overnight and all orders come boxed with instructions
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Product Description

The GlamCap features a thermal lining and an extra thermal layer for maximum hair conditioning. The cap uses the heat from the head to repair damaged hair follicles and significantly reduce frizz. It has been designed to be worn during sleep and it can also be used for shorter periods with a hair product such as conditioner left in the hair. The thermal lining is easy to clean and the GlamCap’s outer material is also fully washable.


How to use

For fast results apply hair conditioner to damp hair and attach the cap and keep on for an extended period. The cap can also be used with dry hair with the cap placed on the head before going to sleep and worn overnight. Results can be seen from the first time the cap is used and we recommend using the cap on a regular basis.

How does the GlamCap work?

The caps double thermal lining keeps naturally produced heat from the head within the cap to treat and repair damaged hair follicles. The cap also helps to significantly reduce frizz and is ideal to be used with a deep conditioning treatment.

When do you use the cap?

For the best results attach the universal fitting cap before going to sleep and keep it on during sleep. It can also be worn for shorter periods when used with a leave in hair product like conditioner.

How often should I use the cap?

The cap can be worn every night and it’s been designed to be comfortable to wear during sleep. If used with deep conditioning treatment, once a week or whichever your hair product instructions recommend will be enough.

Can I get fast results using the cap?

Results can be seen from the first time you use the cap and to improve results combine use with a deep conditioning treatment. If you are not using conditioner its best to make sure your hair is dry or slightly damp before applying the cap and keep on overnight.

How do you clean the cap and is it washable?

The cap is fully washable and it can be washed separately on a low temperature and dried on a radiator. To clean just the inner foil lining layer use a cloth and dry using a paper towel or a dry cloth.

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