CatCalm 60ml Cat Calming Spray

Product price:
   £12.95 + FREE delivery
Main features:
  • Contains key cat calming ingredients including Vetivert and Bergamot
  • Stops cats spraying/marking and helps significantly reduce feline anxiety
  • Also helps make cats happier and more content in their home environment
  • It will not stain and can be used on all types of furniture, carpets and cat beds
  • Very economical with one spray of the CatCalm lasting up to several days
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The CatCalm 60ml natural spray contains a special mixture of renowned cat calming ingredients including Vetivert, Valerian, Bergamot, Chamomile and Lavender. It will work on all feline anxiety and stress for a happier, calmer cat. The formula is made from 100% natural ingredients and is designed to be used on all types of furniture, carpets and cat beds. It will not stain or mark any surface. The CatCalm spray is very economical with just one spray lasting up to several days. All orders come with full usage instructions.

How will the spray calm a cat?

The CatCalm spray contains a 100% natural formula made up from highly regarded and established key cat calming ingredients. When combined together and used in the correct dosage they help to significantly calm a cat, making it happier and ultimately more content in the cat’s home environment.

Where can I use the spray?

The best place to spray the formula is within an area where your cat normally lies of sleeps. If your cat has a cat bed or a favourite area this is an ideal place to spray the formula.

Is this suitable to be used during car journeys?

Our CatCalm spray is designed to calm and allow your cat to become at ease in any situation including travelling in cars. To use spray the inside of the cat basket before the cat is placed inside. If you are using a blanket inside the basket this is ideal place to spray the formula.

How long will each spray application last?

The CatCalm spray is very economical with one application lasting up to several days before needing to be reapplied. You do not need to use a large amount per application and 2 to 3 sprays is normally enough.

What type of problems will calming a cat resolve?

Cat calming helps in many ways including unwanted marking, excessive meowing, scratching, anxiety or stress. The spray will also help cat’s become happier and generally more content in their home environment.

Will all cats respond to the spray?

A cat’s sense of smell is fourteen times as strong as a normal human. The aroma given off by the spray is strong enough for all cats that have a normal sense of smell to easily detect and respond positively to.

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