BruxGuard Bruxism Mouthpiece

Product price:
   £14.95 + FREE delivery
Main features:
  • BruxGuard can be used on either the top of lower jaw
  • Strong plate section to maximise the life span of the mouthpiece
  • Easy to fit and is specially designed for maximum confort
  • comes with simple and easy to understand instructions
  • All UK orders are sent by Royal Mail next day delivery

Stop the effects of bruxism today…

The BruxGuard is designed to be inserted into the user’s mouth before going to sleep and it has been made from a specially designed material that softens during the fitting process, but once cooled down remains very durable. The BruxGuard also features a unique breathe hole which allows air to pass through the device during sleep. This stops the wearer having to breath through their nose, which can often cause a snoring nose. All orders include a retainer box, fitting instructions & a plastic fitting spatula.

Save £££s by choosing BruxGuard…

There are dentists who specialise in sleep dentistry but the cost of a custom fitted device is very expensive and can cost hundreds of pounds. By using a special thermoplastic material for the BruxGuard it allows the user to achieve correct fitting in the comfort of their home in just a few minutes with custom fitting.

How do I use the BruxGuard?

After following the fitting instructions insert your BruxGuard into your mouth before going to sleep. Following the fitting instructions ensures that it will stay in a correct position during sleep. An antibacterial retainer box is also supplied with each order for safe and clean storage of your BruxGuard when not in use.

How does the BruxGuard stop the bruxism?

No mouthpiece can stop bruxism but what BruxGuard will do is stop the effects caused by bruxism. These effects are damage to the persons teeth and the noise caused by grinding teeth together. BruxGuard will stop both by acting as a barrier between the upper and l ower set of teeth ensuring the person’s teeth remain undamaged and their partner remains a partner!

How do I use the BruxGuard?

The BruxGuard is designed to be used on a regular basis and is placed in the user’s mouth before sleep. A unique breath hole in the bottom of the device also allows for comfortable breathing through the user’s mouth. This stops the wearer having to breathe through their nose which can often cause snoring.

Is the BruxGuard easy to fit?

The BruxGuard is very easy to fit and on average it should only take a few minutes to complete the fitting process. Full simple fitting instructions are supplied with each order. Also included are a fitting spatula and a handy retainer box.

What is the lifespan of the BruxGuard?

The BruxGuard on average lasts around 3/6 months. It features a strong plate section that will withstand the grinding effect caused by bruxism. Regular cleaning in a mouthwash will help prolong the BruxGuard’s lifespan.

How long will my order take to arrive?

All orders received before 5pm will be sent out the same working day with weekend orders sent out on Monday. All UK orders are sent by Royal mail first class delivery and 90% of all orders arrive the next working day. All orders will fit through a standard letter box so you do not need to be at home to receive your order.

How do I pay for my order?

We use PayPal as our preferred method of payment as it is highly regarded as the safest way of paying for goods online. You do not have to be a PayPal customer to use this service and you can pay by using all major credit and debit cards.

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